Installing solar panels on your home or business is a big investment. And just like any investment, you should take steps to protect your investment from unnecessary wear and tear. For solar panels, that means regular cleaning and maintenance. Above All Window Cleaning & Services now provides solar panel cleaning and maintenance for clients across western Colorado.

Solar Panel Cleaning Prices

Solar cleaning and maintenance prices start at just $5 per panel.

Due to the unique nature of solar panel cleaning and maintenance, an onsite estimate is required for this service.

Why Clean Solar Panels?

The simple answer is dirt. As dust, grime, bird droppings, and other contaminants build up on your solar panels, the efficiency drops. Your photovoltaic system relies on a clear and unobstructed view of the sun. And it doesn’t take long for dirt and other debris to start affecting the efficiency of your solar system.

Industry experts recommend cleaning your solar panels every six months. This ensures that you maintain optimal efficiency, extends the life of your solar panels and protects your investment in solar energy.

Solar Panel Maintenance

Beyond just cleaning, Above All Window Cleaning & Services can help to prolong the life of your solar panels through maintenance and inspections. Dirt and dust aren’t the only enemies of your solar panels. There is a wide range of issues that can arise with your solar installation. And we check to make sure that you are operating at maximum efficiency.

Common issues include cracked glass, loose mounting brackets, panel delamination, and pest infestations. We provide basic maintenance and give a full report of any issues that we find with your solar panels during cleaning.

Solar Panel Services

Protect your solar investment with cleaning and maintenance from Above All Window Cleaning & Services. Regular cleanings and maintenance will keep your system efficient while also extending its life. We offer highly competitive prices for solar panel cleaning across all of Western Colorado.

Service areas include Grand Junction, Fruita, Palisade, Loma, Mack, Beaver Creek, Summit County, Copper Mountain, Vail, Avon, Edwards, Breckenridge, Aspen, Glenwood Springs, Rifle, Montrose, Hotchkiss, and beyond! Contact us today to set up a free on-site estimate.