Window Cleaning

After your commercial building undergoes a thorough professional window washing, it sparkles in the sunlight and has a fresh, gracious appeal. Visitors and passersby get the sense that the building’s owner and managers care about cleanliness and attention to detail.

Adjoining businesses also appreciate the way your building shines and enhances the neighborhood. Your employees even feel a sense of pride as they walk through the doors each day.
These are some of the obvious benefits of having professional window-washing services performed. Below are some of the hidden benefits of keeping your windows squeaky clean.

Increased Productivity From Staff

Studies have conclusively shown that workers with exposure to windows during their day enjoy a higher quality of life than workers without windows in the workplace. They also sleep 46 minutes longer per night than their windowless counterparts, meaning they come to work more rested and recharged.
Natural sunlight is important to humans’ daily behavior and physical sensations. Ample exposure to the sun’s rays through office windows regulates workers’ internal clocks. This effect happens because every living organism has its own personal circadian rhythm—the 24-hour cycle of physical and mental patterns each organism goes through each day.
Circadian rhythms take their cues from daylight and darkness. Regular exposure to natural daytime light helps your employees have more restful sleep, proper hormone release, and better moods. If a building’s windows are dingy or streaked, workers may close available blinds or curtains to avoid the grungy view. Excess grime on windows also decreases the amount of beneficial sunlight beaming into workspaces.

More Efficient Solar Windows

As costs for solar energy equipment plummet, more businesses are opting to install solar windows on their buildings. These coated or paneled windows generate electricity while giving a modern, sustainable look to commercial structures. They also prove you with green credibility.
Proper cleaning is important to maintain the maximum return on your energy investment. When solar panels become smudged and blotched, their power-generating abilities drop significantly. Have panels inspected and cleaned on a regular basis to maintain their peak efficiency.
Substances that reduce solar window efficiency include:
  • Traffic and construction dust
  • Tree pollen
  • Bird droppings
  • Mineral deposits
  • Salt spray
These stains produce an effect called solar clouding, causing your panels to become hotter as they work harder to deliver power. Chronic solar clouding shortens the life of your solar windows and reduces solar efficiency by up to 30%. Having periodic solar window cleaning services done by professionals saves you energy and money in the long run.

More Gracefully Aging Buildings

Glass may look smooth and impermeable, but it’s actually rather porous. The surface of glass is easily marred by foreign matter like dust. Environmental exposure to materials including acid rain and sea spray cause further degradation of windows. Oxidization from metal also ruins the glass in your windows over time.
If not regularly wiped free of these dirty coatings, your windows lose transparency and appear cloudy and neglected. Microorganisms may begin growing in pigmented spots and mold could form in window corners. Glass becomes more fragile as dirt and microorganisms accumulate.
Once this deterioration happens, your windows are permanently stained, and the original look of your building is diminished. You can avoid permanent damage to your building’s glass by having windows routinely inspected and washed clean of foreign matter.
In areas where there is heavy buildup of soil or oxidization on windows, it’s appropriate to have windows cleaned up to six times a year. Where the environment is purer, having windows washed on a quarterly schedule will keep them protected and gleaming.
The professionals at Above All Window Cleaning are experts at maintaining the shine on commercial windows, from plain glass to solar panels. Whether you own a store front or a high rise, reap all of the benefits of facing the world with clear, bright windows today.